Winter Storm in Nome, Alaska!

Today the weather just kept getting worse and worse. While everything else–schools, regional clinics, businesses were shutting down, Norton Sound bravely stayed open. By the afternoon, the weather was so bad, departments were finally told to close at 3pm. By then visibility outside was at times <10 feet. I tried to capture it, but nothing can capture the breathtaking icy cold that cuts into your face, the icy, sharp pelting snow. Plus, the phone battery dies within minutes when it’s out in this bitter cold. Plus I kept getting blown over, so I missed the most impressive footage! I’m definitely not used to blizzards like this!

On the way home, I passed 3 cars in the ditch (that I could barely see next to me on the road), passed several vehicles stuck in snow drifts. One I got out to help push out, and I could barely see or move against the wind. I also could barely shut my door back again–it took my full strength to pull the door closed! I hope everybody made it home ok!

This video is of the area just outside my house–which is protected by houses and the town, compared to the road from the hospital on the wide open tundra where visibility was almost none!

The door on my container blew open, and the snow blew inside! (check out those awesome shelves that Guy made!)

The snow can get in even if there is a crack–this is through my protected porch! I’m sure there are entry ways full of snow today!

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