Walk to work

I love my commute to work; it’s hands-down the best commute I’ve ever had! Work is only about a mile away, so I try to walk when I can, especially on my days off, so I can see the sunshine in these short winter days! Even though it’s been cold (around zero) with a north wind, when you wear the right clothing, you don’t even feel it!

Bering Sea in the colors of the dusk

The sun high in the sky at 1:30pm–nearing the solstice! The winter sunrises and sunsets are so breathtakingly beautiful!

There is not much shore ice and the the north wind has been blowing away the pack ice for days (making it a bit chilly)! Normally the sea would be frozen by now!

I love these ice circles in the sea. The Bering Sea is always so beautiful! #beachtherapy

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