Wales Day 4! Last Day…Flight back

Today was a slow day, I had lots of time to sit around in the morning waiting for patients. It seems that everyone stays up very late here–usually till 1 or 2 in the morning, and then wakes up late. Kids have a hard time getting to school, and clinic mornings tend to be slow and afternoons very busy.

I got to see a baby and a mama today! I added them into my schedule since my other patients weren’t showing up. I had extra time with them, since I had completed everything for all my patients–one lesson that I learned from my last village trips! It was a much calmer exit this time around than last!!!

I even got the airport early and had time to take some pics (last time I barely made the flight–the plane was taxiing to take off and came back to get me! :)). It was super busy at the aiport today!!! šŸ˜‰ I haven’t seen this much traffic in a while. Ryan Air was there, then the chopper from Diomede came in–for the first time in a week, because of the bad weather. (see video)! The principal of the Diomede school was stuck here in Wales. Then Bering Air (my flight!) came in. Before these village trips, everyone says good luck and hope you make it out! Or “weather permitting” when speaking about any travel plans, because the weather is frequently bad.

Chopper landing (there must have been some blade-bending force in the universe when this picture was taken):
Diomede Chopper

Video of the chopper and Bering Air:

Since no planes could fly in the last 2 days due to weather, there is a lot of traffic for this little village in the middle of nowhere!

So much air traffic Wales!

Sunset at the air”port”
Airport sunset

The mountain down on the right is the Cape Prince of Wales. And out to sea are Little and Big Diomede Islands–and the mainland of Russia can be seen on the horizon!
Wales Diomede aerial

The Cape of Wales is the westernmost point of the North American continent!
Wales mountain sunset aerial

mountains sunset

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