Tundra Run!

Today I got to sleep in–it felt so wonderful! Then I got up and worked on a few things, and even though I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather, I decided to go for a run up to the top of this hill (those four tall rectangles on top are giant parabolic antennae from the Cold War-era):Anvil mountain

The hill is Anvil Mountain (so named (I think) because this rock on the top looks like an anvil), which is about 5 miles from here. Anvil Mountain closer up It was SUCH a beautiful run and a beautiful day! I ran into a Northwesterly wind P1050262(temp ~40 degrees, but feels like 34 per Weather Underground). It was chilly, but it feels good to break a sweat when it’s just above freezing! I ran with music, and the sunshine came out and lit up the tundra.
I got teary-eyed, mostly from the wind…but I had an overwhelming feeling of sheer joy and beauty welling up in me when I saw the fuzzy white (daisy and dandelion-like heads) glowing in the sunshine and shimmering in the wind.  I also almost cried when I looked out over the tundra meeting the sea with awesome clouds towering over everything. I didn’t expect to be so struck by the tundra’s raw beauty.tundra, lakes, mountainswhite fluffy flowers

tundra flowers on a hill

Looking out over the tundra, you can see every color of the rainbow.

Tundra Rainbow


skeletons tundra
I just had to flop down in the tundra in the sunshine, breeze and felt the spongy tundra under me. It’s really comfortable for a mattress! (Random thought ~ laying on the tundraI think Tundra would be a cool name for a girl… 🙂 ) I was always on the lookout for bears and moose, but I saw none. The wind was chilly, and I cooled down quickly when I stopped running, but I stopped a lot, because it was too gorgeous not to. I also ate a lot of blueberries–they are so scrumptious. I was thinking about going blueberry picking tomorrow and driving out towards Salmon Lake, and then I was wondering where I would get buckets for it, because I don’t have any. Well it so happened that on my way home, I found a discarded one down in the ditch. So I decided to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (ie scavenge). 🙂 Yay for a blueberry-picking bucket! 🙂 (don’t worry, I’ll wash it out very well). I also found some old weathered pieces of wood, which I will use for some crafts. And a little message on the side of the road:

old house carThe sun was joyous on the way home, and the colors kept changing and deepening. I love this town!

pond in wind

sky reflections in tundra



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