The Northern Lights Dancing on a Friday Night!

My love and I drove up to Anvil Mountain, and this is the light that met us up there!DSCF5667

The lights were dancing like I’ve never seen!DSCF5665

Big dipper in the green glowing lights, love this Alaska sky!DSCF5663

We couldn’t help ourselves, we danced under the dancing lights. DSCF5661

“Were you ever out in the Great Alone, when the moon was awful clear,
And the icy mountains hemmed you in with a silence you most could hear;
With only the howl of a timber wolf, and you camped there in the cold,
A half-dead thing in a stark, dead world, clean mad for the muck called gold;
While high overhead, green, yellow and red, the North Lights swept in bars? —
Then you’ve a haunch what the music meant. . . hunger and night and the stars.”
….a verse from Robert Service’s ‘The Shooting of Dan McGrew.



They moved across the big dipperDSCF5658



Northern lights, Big dipper, White Alice. Nome Alaska

With all the colors of the rainbowDSCF5654

I love Alaska!DSCF5650







Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! Be still my soul!DSCF5643



8 thoughts on “The Northern Lights Dancing on a Friday Night!

    • Thanks, Kristin! The night was jaw-droppingly gorgeous and ethereal!! We danced and sang and ooohed and aahhhhhed and laughed like two crazy people. 🙂

  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Fantastic Photos!! Once in a blue moon, they claim, the northern lights reach us here in Colorado but I haven’t seen them yet. Some Day, Some Day, Some Day…….

    Again, thanx for sharing.
    Big Hugs 2 You Both
    The Padre recently posted…Week IMy Profile

    • Awwwww, thanks! I have only ever dreamed of seeing the Northern Lights like this! Once I saw them in Minnesota, and it was still amazing, but this. This was spiritual. 🙂 It would be cool to see them in Colorado–that place has its own special magic. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous! Me and the wife are planning a long Alaskan trip in the future, would like to catch fresh salmon, see a grizzly, Mt. McKinley, etc. When do the northern lights start and how far north to see them?

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