The cost of groceries in Nome …(is crazy!)

Expect to pay about double (compared to average national prices) for groceries in Nome, Alaska–especially for fresh produce! Everything is shipped in–either by sea or air, so the prices reflect that. Luckily the water here is great, so no need to have a filter or bottled water. [If you are thinking of moving to nome, don’t let the cost of living be something that discourages you, because somehow, everybody makes it here.]

Budget: For one person (me), a medium eater, I paid $200 for about 1.5 weeks of groceries, so I expect to budget ~$500 per month. Granted, I do like to eat mostly fresh produce, I am vegetarian, and I like to eat as organic as possible (not a fan of toxic pesticides/herbicides). I also try to avoid processed food (19 Foods That Aren’t Food)–this website is a good reminder for me to avoid those appealing-but junk-fake foods!

For example: A gallon of milk costs $6, a small loaf of fresh bread is $6, a green pepper $3, a small bag of baby carrots $4. (Update: the fresh produce seems to go moldy very quickly–I imagine that by the time it gets here, it’s near the end of its freshness, so I’m learning to eat it up right away).
Some Pics of prices:

Yellow summer squash--also nearly double the price!

$2.49 per pound for yellow summer squash–also nearly double the price!

$1.79 each (normally I can buy 2 for $1)

Cucumbers $1.79 each (normally I can buy 2 for $1)

Broccoli: $2.99 per lb (normally ~$1.50/lb)

Broccoli: $2.99 per lb (normally ~$1.50/lb

Raspberries price

Organic raspberries and blackberries: $5.99 per box, normally ~$3.

Here's what $200 worth of groceries looks like

Here’s what $200 worth of groceries looks like


Check out this fun article by National Geographic: $16 Breadsticks: The High Cost of Living in Nome

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