Thanksgiving 2016

This thanksgiving was full of the most lovely blessings.
One of our doctors offered to work this week instead of me, so that I could have time off with Dave. *Thanks!*
We got to spend the day together, then we went for dinner to our friends’ house, where we shared delicious food together, played games and then played music together. I even got to try to play the saw for the first time!

Fun parts of the day:
We got out our little colorful turkey, made by Dad Padvo, that I painted as a little project last year.  🙂
Handpainted turkey

Dave and I saw an idea to write down the things we are thankful for over the last year, and collected them in a jar. Then we read them for Thanksgiving! It was so much fun to remember things that we had already forgotten from the last year. Our lives are overflowing with goodness. 🙂
Jar of gratitude

Jar of gratitude
Jar of gratitude

So many things to be thankful for!Colorful turkey, made by Dad Pad and painted by me and Dave.

The Northern Lights started out like an arc across the sky.
Northern Lights Nome Alaska

We got to see the beautiful Northern Lights after our Thanksgiving dinner.
NorthernLights Nome Alaska

Northern lights and car lights–this is from a car passing by!
Northern lights and car lights

Lovely glow!
Northern lights Nome Alask


Still working on my Northern Lights photography skills. Someday my goal is to make one of those films of the Northern Lights dancing. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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