Sushi and Bowling, Saturday night!

Ahhh! I got a long night of sleep. I kept waking up and checking my phone, just to make sure I didn’t miss a call to come in. But there was none. (none that came through, at least). I had a lazy day of kind of studying and working on things…in my comfy bed. :)

But then got an invitation by friends to go out downtown for sushi and bowling! I find it hard to believe that a Saturday night in Nome can be so full of entertainment! Just like a big city. 😉 I went out with my roomie and a few friends to Milano’s Pizzeria/Korean/ Japanese/Italian/sushi. I’ve never seen such a diverse restaurant in my life!

Milano's Italian      Milano's sushi

Milano's Korean Japanese

Milano's pizzeria

Then we went bowling!!! Surprisingly there is actually a bowling alley in Nome. And it is run by the same man who helps us arrange travel for patients to the villages. He is awesome. He loves to be able to help people in his community, and he is trying to give the youth here a positive, healthy place to hang out.


The Bowling Crew


bowling score keeping

Learning how to keep score.

happy score-keepers

The happy score keepers. :D

Then when I got home, I received another text message about another party! It’s probably too late, but still… I’m impressed by this place!

Then watched a fun French Rom Com (Romantics Anonymous) with the roomie before bed.

It was not a very productive day from a to-do list standpoint, but it was very refreshing!


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