Summer Solstice from the Seward Peninsula to Seward (Kenai Peninsula)

Yay! The Summer Solstice is here, which means a lot of Summer celebrating in Alaska! in Nome, the sun rises at 4:19 am and sets at 1:47 am. More than 20 hours a day with the sun above the horizon! And when it does go below the horizon, it barely dips down and comes right back up again, so it is really always light! There was an awesome Midnight Sun Folk Festival this weekend in Nome featuring musicians, community events, games and events like the Nome River Raft Race (see pics below).

This weekend was also awesome and very special in another way–our medical director, David Head, was awarded the Alaska Family Physician of the year, an amazing honor for an incredible leader and human being. Dr. Liu and I were in Anchorage already to learn about our upcoming Electronic Health Record system (yay!), and then we drove down the stunningly beautiful Kenai Peninsula to Seward to help present Dr. Head’s award.

It was such a full and beautiful weekend with lots of blessings~ including the weather. Here are some of the pics:

Mountains south of Anchorage

Rain clouds moving in Anchorage20140622-140626-50786409.jpg


Rainclouds, lilacs and green leaves. Smells like Spring!20140622-140625-50785709.jpg


Spring wild flowers20140622-140628-50788055.jpg


Love this flag and this state!20140622-141002-51002225.jpg

Float plane, Moose Pass Alaska20140622-141002-51002860.jpg

Float plane parking lot. Moose Pass, AK20140622-141004-51004793.jpg

Old, retired truck20140622-141003-51003908.jpg


Driftwood (from Nome) at the Moose Pass Summer Solstice Festival20140622-141005-51005582.jpg

Duck back20140622-222343-80623103.jpg

Flowers everywhere!20140622-222334-80614332.jpg

Seward Port20140622-225224-82344959.jpg

Catches of the day:20140622-225228-82348076.jpg

Fish heads being taken home by those who eat them. ๐Ÿ™‚20140622-225226-82346590.jpg

Love the sailboats!20140622-225225-82345724.jpg

Me and Dr. Liu before the award ceremony.20140622-222336-80616632.jpg

This place is gorgeous! …but there’s no place like Nome. ๐Ÿ™‚ย 20140622-222334-80614734.jpg

Dr. Head’s speech20140622-222341-80621215.jpg

Dr. Liu and Dr. Head and his amazing, beautiful wife Lori. I’m so glad Dr. Head received this highest honor, because he completely deserves it! ๐Ÿ™‚20140622-222340-80620039.jpg

***Sunday afternoon in Nome***
One of the awesome nurses from the hospital and her boyfriend’s daughter won second place in the raft race! Between the two of them they had one shoe. ๐Ÿ˜‰20140622-164643-60403995.jpg

Skipping rocks, waiting for the next raft.ย Gorgeous day for hanging out by the Nome River!20140622-164648-60408452.jpg

Alaska kids swimming in the shockingly cold water20140622-164645-60405319.jpg

2 thoughts on “Summer Solstice from the Seward Peninsula to Seward (Kenai Peninsula)

  1. The last pic of the cold water swim brought back memories from working in healthcare in the YK Delta two decades ago- Thank you for sharing your life in the wonderful northland of our world!

  2. Happy solstice!

    Thank you for the kind words–it really is an amazing job. I’m lucky ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m super glad you got to drive the seward highway–the kenai is pretty much my favorite place in the state, and that drive is killer :). Nice work on those pictures, they capture how pretty that area is!
    Dave recently posted…MilestoneMy Profile

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