Spring Delights (Nome style)

Mud puddles! A true Alaska girl. 🙂


The Bering Sea turning back to Liquid


Playing on the ice (at 11pm!!!)


“I’m just an Eskimo in a t-shirt” says the boy in the green shirt. “And I’m just an Eskimo…sometimes” quips his little half brother. And we all laughed. 🙂


Running on the Bering Sea!


The smiles!


Playing in the “Nome National Forest” (where people put their old Christmas trees out on the ice–some to mark their crab pots, where they trap crab on the sea floor, and some just to get rid of their old trees).


Rotting ice




We skipped rocks on the open water, had a rock throwing contest, and I tried to jump a wide crack and slipped and fell into the water. Oops! 🙂

It feels so alive and energized here! Even though it’s mostly brown mud and melting ice, even though there are no blooming crocuses and daffodils and spring flowers, and not even grass, Spring is definitely in the air! Kids are out playing in their muck boots, the sun is shining till 11pm, the air still has the glowing, fresh new, warm vibe of Spring. People are out in t-shirts and shorts (even though the ice is still around). Couples are outside, flirting and making out wherever there’s not mud. Even up by the Arctic, Spring is vibrant in its own unique, non-classic, beautiful way!

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