Spring collection

Images of Spring in Nome:

Spring sunshine coaxing the willow blossoms:

Raise your heads. After the long, cold, dark winter, there is life again!  20140427-175649.jpg

The edge of the “lead” where the ice is opening up

Standing on the edge. Hope this piece of ice doesn’t break off!20140427-174909.jpg

The widening lead. These tracks used to connect to the ice across the way.20140427-174922.jpg

Rotting ice looks so cool!20140427-174936.jpg

So blissful to be in the warm sunshine by open water. I don’t think I’ll ever take it for granted again! :)20140427-174948.jpg

Live music on the beach:20140427-175254.jpg

Lovely spring evening, good people, good music, great fire!  20140427-175315.jpg
Stunning sunset–this doesn’t even begin to capture it!20140427-175328.jpg

Big fire builder!20140427-175335.jpg

Cabin doorstep on West Beach:20140427-175704.jpg


All the stems with buds are new growth. It’s a short, fast growing season here, and with the long days of light plants just grow and grow!

I just made this because it’s so fitting for the harsh Arctic tundra and these soft, fuzzy-headed, glowing willow blossoms!

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