Some highlights lately

1. The Northern Lights were out this morning! They were starting to fade in the light of the breaking dawn, but still beautiful! This is definitely one thing to look forward to in the growing darkness of this season. IMG_5421.JPG

2. Guess what?! Remember back when I first got here, about a year ago when I was learning the paper system and I felt like my brain was shuffled by all the paperwork? Well, we are getting Electronic Health Record! Although I have been able to become more fluid with paper, I have still been missing electronic health system. So I’ve spent a lot of time lately learning how to use our EHR well. Sure, it won’t be all smooth sailing, and there will be a steep learning curve, but now we can communicate instantly, get important patient information, know what happened to patients that we sent to specialists in Anchorage, not lose papers and have all the health record in one space!

No more of this:ehr
Or this:

3. Hospital carnival and picnic!!! Got to have heaps of fun with kiddos at the carnival games and hang out with one awesome PA, Riley. :)IMG_5273.JPG
Fantastic face paint! IMG_5200.JPG

Can’t beat live music

4. Morning of Light! Looking out over town and the Bering Sea this morning.IMG_5408.JPG

5. I got new glasses!  Ummm yeah, the eye doctors banned me from wearing my contacts, since I’ve been wearing them nonstop…for like a month, or maybe three. :/
Oops! Maybe I’ll seem smarter now with this nerd look. :) And maybe I won’t go blind.

IMG_5400.JPGnew glasses

6. Beach TherapyIMG_5395.JPG

most folks

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    • Hey, Chris! Thanks! I’m using the Olympus OM-D E-M5, one of the new mirrorless, digital cameras (and my iPhone :)). I love it!!! Makes it easy to take pictures. I pretty much just mess around for fun. And you?

  1. The morning light in nome, golden. just golden.


    She pulled a pretty good one on me, with the help of a friend of mine from the kenai, when she and a long-time health aid (Kim, I think) came out to visit diomede.
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