Solstice Engagement

I just got engaged!!!! To the love of my life, my soulmate, the most amazing man in the universe–a teacher, a pilot, a caring, kind, funny, inspiring, generous, thoughtful person, who I met on the island of Little Diomede (right by Russia, on the international dateline, at the edge if the world)! On Saturday, the day before the solstice. On the Bering Sea!!!!

I must say, I was completely surprised. When he knelt down, I thought he was checking out the ice, or maybe thinking about going crabbing, or so inspired by the beauty of the solstice sun, orange on the horizon. Then pulled out a ring and asked me to marry him!!!! I knelt down beside him and said “a million times, yes!”

He made the ring!

This was right before he asked, in the light of the solstice sun.

This is where he asked me–right on the edge of the Bering Sea.

Someone called to us from the Breakers Bar, and offered to take a picture. Dave recognized them from Diomede, so we shared the news and a couple of celebratory drinks and cheers.

Alaska holds all sorts of beauty, surprises and adventures! And I guess when you are meant to be with someone, you can find them at the end of the Earth. I think a destination wedding to somewhere in Alaska is coming up soon… Maybe on the island of Little Diomede. :)



18 thoughts on “Solstice Engagement

  1. Woohoo, congrats! That’s some good news!
    Excellent choice, particularly the pilot part as you can send him to rescue your silly friends who might get themselves into trouble …!!!! 😛
    Hope to see you in March again!

    Have some great holidays and a happy new year.
    Cheers, Beat

    • Hahaha! Thanks, Beat! :) Yep, excellent choice for so many reasons! We should go flying sometime. :) Hope to see you guys in March too. Are you walking up to Nome again this year? 😉 Happy holidays to you too–hope they are warm and bright and merry!!! :)


  2. Congratulations!!! So very excited for you! We are in Alaska again, so anytime you are down this way, give us a call! 907 242 2492 or 3888.

    • Thank, you dear Renee. I tried to text you, not sure what happened. Sometimes my phone does tricky things. Anyway, I will definitely be calling soon! Hope you guys can come to the wedding! :) LOVE YOU!

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