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September 2014:
9.26.14 Cultural Festival and Eskimo Dancing
9.26.14 Some Highlights Lately
9.24.14 19 Lives
9.21.14 Glorious weekend
9.21.14 Grow where you are planted
9.18.14 One Alaskan Trip Around the Sun
9.18.14 . . . . . Dropping Keys
9.15.14 A Little Break
9.8.14 Autumn on the Alaskan Tundra
9.4.14 Back to Nome Sweet Home
9.3.14 Visit to my family and Minnesota State Fair

August 2014:
8.18.14 You treat a disease, you win, you lose. You treat a person, I guarantee you’ll win, no matter what the outcome. -Patch Adams
8.16.14 Summer Highlights of Music and Beauty
8.12.14 Bluebery-pickin’ good days!
8.3.14 First Alaskan bridge jumping!!!! And Pilgrim Hot Springs

July 2014
July 30, 2014: Family visit to Nome!
July 21, 2014: Sunday ER shift
July 20, 2014: Summer Glory!
July 14, 2014: The week until Sunday and then a day of rest
July 9, 2014: Drops of Poetry
July 6, 2014: Golden Weekend!
July 4, 2014: 4th of July in Nome, Alaska
July 3, 2014: Sealskin Birds and Cultural Discussions on End Of Life Care
July 1, 2014: Another Beach Party!

June 2014
June 30, 2014: Blessed Day of Beauty
June 29, 2014: Summer Time In Nome
June 21, 2014: Summer Solstice, from the Seward Peninsula to Seward (Kenai Peninsula)
June 15, 2014: Back-to-back Medevacs
June 10, 2014: Tundra and the Sea
June 8, 2014: Humbling Encouragement

May 2014
May 29, 2014: Another Week Or Two Flies By!
May 18, 2014: Midnight Sun!
May 17, 2014: Full Moon Week
May 12, 2014: Wild Alaska By Flight: Cliff Birds, Seals, Walruses, Rivers, Hunters and Ice Floes of the Bering Sea!
May 9, 2014: Little Diomede-”Alaska Is a Land of Extremes, But Here Extreme Is a Way of Life.”
May 8, 2014: Going Out to Little Diomede
May 4, 2014: We Have Come to the Place Where Everything Is Music
May 3, 2014: Mercy Me! The Tundra Is Breathtaking!

April 29, 2014: Monday Medevac
April 28, 2014: Spring Collection
April 24, 2014: How I’ve Survived My First Alaskan Winter
April 23, 2014: Spring Delights (Nome Style)
April 22, 2014: Easter Blessings
April 19, 2014: The Bering Sea Ice Shelf: The Coolest Thing In Nome
April 17, 2014: So Much Strength and Beauty
April 15, 2014: Eskimo Dancing!

April 14, 2014: “If You Want Others to be Happy, If you want to be happy, practice Compassion.” ~The Dalai Lama
April 7, 2014: Highlights

March 2014
March 15, 2014: Iditabike
March 15, 2014: Another Chance
March 11, 2014: The Great Race of Mercy: The Iditarod
March 11, 2014: Three Calls in Five Days!
March 1, 2014: Maui for Continuing Medical Education (CME)!

February 2014
Feb 18, 2014: Lessons From a Patient
Feb 12, 2014: Stories With Cup
Feb 10, 2014: Give What You Have
Feb 8, 2014: Flight Back From Teller
Feb 7, 2014: Teller Visit!
Feb 4, 2014: Another Village Visit–This Time to Teller!
Feb 1, 2014: Kuspuk Friday!

January 2014
Jan 31, 2014: When It Rains, It Pours
Jan 20, 2014: Saturday Happinesses
Jan 19, 2014: Nome After the Blizzard
Jan 18, 2014: Winter Storm In Nome, Alaska!
Jan 14, 2014: Candlelight Yoga
Jan 11, 2014: Wales Last Day! Flight Back
Jan 9, 2014: Medical Village Visit, Day 3
Jan 8, 2014: Village Visit to Wales, Day 2
Jan 7, 2014: 2nd Medical Village Trip to Wales! Day 1
Jan 6, 2014: Sub-Arctic
Jan 1, 2014: Day One of the New Year!

New Year’s: Celebrate a New Year!

December 2013
December 30, 2013: There’s No Place Like Nome for the Holidays!
December 29, 2013: Sunday Art Therapy
December 28, 2013: Beach Therapy
December 25, 2013: Better Than a Sleigh Ride! Christmas Medevac With the Northern Lights!!!
December 23, 2013: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas! Nome, Alaska-Style
December 21, 2013: Winter Solstice 

December 13, 2013: Another Friday the 13th

Oct 21, 2013: Monday’s highs
Oct 20, 2013: Beach and Pumpkin Carving!
Oct 19, 2013: Sushi and Bowling. Saturday night!
Oct 18, 2013: Call again
Oct 17, 2013: My first medevac!!!!
Oct 16, 2013: Hump day
Oct 15, 2013: A Monday-like Tuesday
Oct 14, 2013: Best Monday Ever
Oct 13, 2013: Sunday Call
Oct 12, 2013: A real day off! Seaglass and Music.
Oct 11, 2013: Happy Friday!
Oct 10, 2013: Call #3
Oct 9, 2013: A month already!
Oct 8, 2013: Hunkering down
Oct 7, 2013: Great to be back “home” sweet Nome

Oct 1-6 Village Medical Trip to Wales!
Wales Day 4
Wales Day 3
Abundance of Life in such harsh conditions
Wales Day 2
Wales Day 1
Flying to Wales. Russia sighting!

Sept 30: A day “off”
Sept 29: Sunday call
Sept 28: Exchanging Teller for a Special Delivery
Sept 27: Beach Therapy
Sept 26: On call-first day!
Sept 25: Unique challenges, lots of kindness
Sept 24: Lots of coffee
Houses on stilts
Sept 23: Monday evening-special edition
Monday, tempest tantrums
Sept 22: Berry picking at Salmon Lake
Sept 21: Tundra run
Sept 20: Potluck
Sept 19: Permanent…?
Sept 18: Under the North Star
Sept 17: No more muckin’ around!
Sept 16: First Day at Norton Sound–Orientation
Sept 15: What brought me to Nome?
Sept 14: Second Saturday
Sept 13: A week already!
Sept 12: Rainy Day 6
Sept 11: The cost of groceries…is crazy in Nome!
Sept 10: Day 5 in my new Nome Town
Sept 10: Nome Sweet Homes and a PO Box
Sept 9: Amazing Alaska Autumn! Trip to Council
More pics from Nome (more faves)
Sept 8: First Full Day (Day 2)
Sept 7, 2013: Nome-coming (Day 1 in Nome)
Sept 4, 2013: Packing for Nome
Sept 1, 2013: Moving to Nome

7 thoughts on “Site Map

  1. hi. I am a pharmacist looking at a possible 13 week assignment in nome. I am from northeast ohio so am used to cold and snow but nothing like alaska im sure. Would you recommend an assignment in nome for 13 weeks or should i pass?

    • Hey Nicholas! I highly recommend a 13 week assignment in Nome. 1. It’s a cool place and a once-in-a-life-time experience. 🙂 2. You can do anything for 13 weeks. 🙂 3. It’s a great place for a pharmacist to work, with lots of interesting things to do and learn. 4. You really, really get to help people who would otherwise have no access to care–especially the outlying villages! 5. Cold ain’t no thang. Haha! JK, but if I can handle it (growing up on Pacific island just below the equator didn’t exactly prepare me for this!), I think anyone can! PS last winter was warmer here than the Midwest. Aaannndd “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.” I didn’t realize how true that is, until I moved here, because I was much, much colder in the midwest (Minnesota/Chicago) than I’ve ever been here. If you dress right, you won’t even feel cold! 🙂 7. There’s an awesome community here that is super warm and welcoming. 8. It’s Alaska! 9. It’s in a really cool corner in the world, part of the ancient Bering Land Bridge, and closer to Russia than Anchorage. 10. If you like the great outdoors, water, ice/snow sports, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, running, flying, kiteboarding, boating, gold-panning or if you like indoor stuff, reading, hobbies, hanging out, art, movies, or if you like community events, or culture Nome is a perfect place. If you don’t mind living simply and not completely conveniences, it’s wonderful! The only thing is, if you like big cities and night life…well Nome may not be the best place. But again for 13 weeks, it’s not a big deal. And if you don’t like it, at the very least, it will make you appreciate what you have and love. 🙂
      Shana recently posted…Evening of LightMy Profile

  2. I love this blog ! The photos are great ! I left behind a career as a radio journalist and moved to Alaska a couple of years ago. I love it ! We run a service station and docks for float planes. It’s about as far removed as can be from my previous life, living in Berlin but there’s never a dull moment; earthquakes, forest fires and colorful local characters . I feel as though I’m living in a reality TV show much of the time.

  3. Shana, is that really you? how wonderful to finally be out where you are needed and loving it! Its amazing to see how God goes before, preparing in even the tiniest of ways for what is ahead. who could have suspected that PNG was the training, shaping for Nome!! I think God has a sense of humor for sure! If you want to give us your email I could send you a letter we just posted last night to let you know what we are about now. a few things I wont mention here.
    Love to you! Super to see you! and thanks heaps. Linda…don’t know if this came to Jim’s FB, or my new one.. best use mine as we’re trying to do away with the old email. What is your last name now?

    • Hi Aunt Linda, yes it really is. 🙂 Awww thanks for taking the time to write and say hello! 🙂 Haha! I agree! Who would’ve ever guessed?! 🙂 it’s colder here, but in other ways so similar with the rugged beauty and more simple, natural living. 🙂 I would love to hear more from you guys. You were always such an inspiration in PNG. My address is PO Box 1875, Nome AK 99762. My new last name is Padvorac. 🙂
      Love to you too! What are you and Jim up to now? Tell Jim I’m working on my pilots license…thanks to all our awesome mission pilots and the fun school fights and conference fights…etc 🙂 great to reconnect with you! ❤️

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