Second Saturday

I love Saturdays (and I feel like I’ve had a week of them)! I slept in a little, then went for a 9-mile jog-walk-explore today around town, and out the Nome-Teller road (it goes to the village of Teller). People are so friendly here—everybody waves passing by. It was chilly and overcast again today, with highs in the 40s. Although it was brisk, I was glad to be outside—in just two layers of thermals!!! 😉 While I saw kids playing and biking around in t-shirts… Kids are so resilient—they can adapt so much better to cold, altitude, heat…etc. And they are especially tough out here!

At this little airstrip (that is ¼ mile from my house) I stopped to take pictures, and a pilot airplanes

wind sock

stopped to chat. He found out that I grew up in PNG, and offered me a flight sometime. Yay! That’s another thing on my bucket list ~ getting get my pilot’s license. 🙂 Heaps of people have them out here, but someone made a joke once (at least I think it was a joke) that it’s the most common cause of death of doctors in Alaska…because they only fly once in a while. Maybe it wasn’t a joke.

On my run, I wandered into an outlying community, called Icy View, a little place with cute street names like Out of The Way, Fore and Aft, Blueberry, Cranberry, Jackboot and Watch Glass.

Out of the way Watch GlassRound the clock Blueberry


I got to talk to a lovely woman who has been an elementary school teacher in Nome for 40 years. I wish I could have taken her picture, because she was just beautiful sitting outside on her green home. But I was too shy to even ask. 🙂

Sights in Icy View: Guess what animal this vertebrae is from?whale vertebrae

I wandered out into the tundra and saw bagillions of blueberries. More than I could ever eat in a month! handful of blueberries. Even all the bears and all the people don’t get through the bounty of blueberries in a season!








How many blueberries can you spot?!

bagillions of blueberries

Oh! And I was given a lovely welcome gift made with tundra blueberries:

Tundra blueberry bread

There are unbelievable amounts of gold mining and dredging equipment.

Dredge on the Bering Sea:IMG_3322

New gold searching: gold mine

Old gold searching: old gold shack

And now I’m enjoying my favorite Spanish culture: tapas (Alaska style. :))Alaska tapas



2 thoughts on “Second Saturday

  1. Bryan is so jealous of your Alaskan Amber! 🙂 one of his faves. But the wine here…. You enjoy whatever your surroundings have to offer! Make sure you pick some blueberries and freeze for the winter! They are amazing in pancakes. Amazing!

    • Haha! You guys should come over for a coldie! Oh, I love Australian wine! (I can’t believe the price of it here, though!) 🙂 Good idea about the blueberries! Mmmmmm… can’t wait to try the pancakes. 🙂

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