Seaglass, sunlight and beach therapy.

Full rainbow over all of Nome’s gold. šŸ™‚ I love this place!!!!

After-work beach therapy.Ā IMG_5230

Gorgeous day to fly!IMG_5243

The seaglass and other amazing beach combing finds from today. šŸ™‚IMG_5312

I decided to start getting up really early with my husband, and I go on a run before work. This was a splendid morning run!!!IMG_5335

Best way to start my day–a run into the sunrise. Embrace the day, open your heart.Ā IMG_5336




It was like running in a dream: IMG_5416

And the waves and the sea were just stunningly beautiful!IMG_5410


4 thoughts on “Seaglass, sunlight and beach therapy.

  1. Absolutely beautiful, as usual thanks so much for sharing. We have a beautiful about a 10 layer rainbow after rains yesterday with a haloing higher rainbow (double). It was absolutely amazing. Did not have my camera or cellphone so could not get a picture of it, but it was the most unusual rainbow I had ever seen.
    Take care and have a great weekend.

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