Went in to round early on my patients. I’m tired! Had a busy clinic, consulting specialists, sent three people to Anchorage. I got to meet a brand new baby who was born at 37 weeks and 3 days (just barely past the preterm mark of 37 weeks), who was teeny tiny! I sent his mom to Anchorage last week, because when feeling her belly, I thought the baby was breech (even though she was head-down on the Ultrasound the week before). So I sent her to US just to be sure, and they confirmed breech presentation and sent her to Anchorage. I was glad to know that I felt the position correctly–because I got so used to just doing ultrasounds and less dependent on my clinical exam skills. Apparently the baby flipped in flight though (back to head-down), but anyhow, it was good the patient was in Anchorage, because she ended up needing to be induced for high blood pressure and the baby was born still so early (although not technically premature), and so tiny!

Today when I saw him, he is so adorable, but he is not eating too much, and he is even tinier! He has lost almost 1 lb since he was born, and whatever the present momenthe only started out at 6 lbs! And he has a loud heart murmur. So I’m sending him back to Anchorage today–after discussion with the Pediatrician. We are going to try to get him on the commercial flight tonight. But lately all the Alaska Airlines flights are sold out, which makes it harder to get patients down to the specialists! We have a lot of people in clinic who work hard and work over-time to make sure that our patients get well taken care of. People who are willing to jump in and go the extra mile when the system doesn’t quite get us there…




PeaceSome things were frustrating today, and I felt overwhelmed at times with how much there was to do at once. Sometimes I had three patients waiting on me to do extra things for them all at the same time. I get stressed by the extra work or when the system doesn’t operate smoothly or efficiently to minimize the labor and run-around. That’s when I must learn to just to take a deep breath. To not exude stress and fluster. I need to remember these thoughts.

I have it within me












My three happinesses today: 1. I got to see some super cute kids today! one of the kids that I met in Wales was here. 🙂 2. Chocolatey mocha 3. Getting the patients appropriate care…even if it takes a lot of extra work. It really is rewarding.


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