November in Nome

It’s getting a wee bit chilly!

And this crazy storm, called a bombogenesis is in the forecast:

One thought on “November in Nome

  1. Hello Shana
    I’m it is again, Patrick from Switzerland. I hope you had a good weekend. Here in Switzerland we had a wonderful, sunny Saturday. On Sunday afternoon, then moved back on clouds. I would like to send you also a pic of our home. Maybe you have me an e-mail address from you.

    Wow, minus 11 degrees Celsius in November. I’m curious how far the thermometer still drops. Generally, I am very curious and interested in what life is like in winter in Alaska, especially in Nome.
    Here in Switzerland we currently have plus 5 to 10 degrees Celsius. These are 40 to 50 F.

    So, I am pleased to be able to read soon from you again. Have a nice day, all the best.
    Best regards, Patrick

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