Nome Sweet Homes and a PO Box (Day 4)

It’s drizzling today. The first overcast day since I’ve been here, but it’s still in the 50s and not too bad! I went to the post office to drop off my application for a PO box. There’s a waiting list to get a box.
Nome Post OfficeSo until then, my address is:

Shana Theobald
General Delivery
Nome, AK 99762

Here are some pictures from the post office:

Picture in the Nome Post Office

Picture in the Nome Post Office. Wow!

Wow! (it’s not quite this busy anymore)


Then I went to look at houses with a realtor, Nome Sweet Homes (it’s not often that you find an igloo and a cute name on a realtor’s logo). I’m not planning to buy a house yet, but wanted to get an idea of what kind of houses and prices are around here. Houses are very expensive here–it’s the first time I’ve seen a trailer house for over a quarter of a million dollars!: Nome Sweet Homes 2

The rest of the day I wandered around town, and here are some random favorites of what I saw:

The inviting local flower shop


The local Flower Shop. Owned by Trinh, a lovely woman of Vietnamese heritage, whose family has been here forever. She used to be a behavioral health counselor for 14 years in Nome. And now she runs this flower shop, which is lovely. And healing.

Sayings written on the flower shop walls.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Nome Outfitters store (the flower shop lady’s husband owns this store):OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Dredging bucket flower pot:

Dredging bucket flower pot

More flower pots ~ These are old buckets from the gold dredging machines that are discarded and then used to decorate parks and yards.

Dredging bucket flower pot 3    Dredging bucket flower pot 2

My favorite grocery store logo ~ from Hanson’s Trading store:

Hanson's symbol

That is how the sun rolls across the horizon on the long summer days.

Barge on the Bering Sea–this is what my cargo is coming in on! Should be here in 1-2 weeks!


I love the lego-block containers

Ladder on a roof:


This is not one of the Nome Sweet Homes that I looked at today.:)

I can’t get over the colors here, everywhere!: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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