Nome Reception

While my family was here, we got to have a lovely Nome reception to celebrate with our Nome family! It was a lovely day, and we had an amazing cake, potluck and good times with friends!

The beautiful cake that Sissy and Kristy, two of my favorite nurses, made for us!




I always wanted a beach wedding or reception. 🙂

IMG_3953 IMG_3968 Some of the docs that I get to work. These folks have all been here for decades and are some of the smartest, most caring, dedicated physicians I know!

IMG_3973This awesome family!!! All the boy next to me wanted was cake–I had to bring the cake so he wasn’t crying in the family!


My dad and Dr Liu with the precious twins. Dr. Liu found a rock with twin holes in it for the boys. 🙂IMG_3997

The amazing crew of nurses and yoga instructor that I get to work with (and Dave and my mama). IMG_4019

2 thoughts on “Nome Reception

  1. Congratulations, again! A beautiful cake and looks like some awesome Nome Family! You looked beautiful! Stay happy and hope you always enjoy life as it seems you are now.

    • Awwwww thanks, Marsha! I agree, the cake was amazing~those two nurses are so talented! 🙂 Wow, thank you so much. Life is even more amazing with my life partner. 🙂

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