Pictures from Nome ~ a few of my favorites

Before I start working at the clinic and hospital, I have some time to wander about and explore.

Directions for how to get out of Nome (Ack! :))

Bright blue, happy shedOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEvery house has a mudroom here attached to the entrance, where you take off your muddy boots! It’s essential to keeping a clean home.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARusty corrugated tin houseOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo quaint!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Breakers Bar
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love the quirks of small towns.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYay for living by the sea! (even if it is frozen 10 months of the year!)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Norton Sound on the Bering SeaOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Coolest camper ever!

3 thoughts on “Pictures from Nome ~ a few of my favorites

  1. Wow! Shana, this is such a cool blog. I am living vicariously through you as I look at all the beautiful pictures and read your posts. Thank you for giving us this wonderful window into your life!

    • Hi my awesome brother! Thanks!!!! I keep trying to call you, and it’s not going through. Verizon doesn’t work as well here. :/ Will keep trying to call you. Love you and Caitlin and little Emmie heaps and heaps! Can’t *wait* till you guys come visit ~ you would LOVE it here. It’s AMAZING!!! xxxx

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