Moving to Nome

Things to know when moving to Nome:

Good website Nome Alaska Visitor’s Center FAQs

Internet: You will need to get GCI, it’s all dial-up here. I am currently plugged in. This comes with my apartment, so I’m not entirely sure how much it is per month. Plus you can get all sorts of different packages with high-speed internet, cable TV, digital services…etc. Basic broadband package starts at $30 per month.

Phone: I have Verizon, it’s always on “Extended” service. But it works most of the time! Occasionally I will get a voicemail 2 hours later, so not sure how long I can depend on it. I do have a 2-year contract, but apparently GCI buys out people’s contracts, which is helpful. People say AT&T is the other wireless way to go, and there is an office here. In talking to folks around here, they like it because it is available anywhere they travel outside of AK. I heard their customer service is not great, since they are the only act in town… but I can’t speak from personal experience. *I will update this as I learn more.*

Post office:

There is no post man here in Nome, everyone just has a PO box. You can sign up for it online and fill out the normal form to get a box:


Picture in the Nome Post Office

Picture in the Nome Post Office. Wow!

Picture in the Nome Post Office. Wow! (It doesn’t look like this anymore ~ just in case you were wondering ;))

PO Box

PO Box

Currently they may not have one, so I had to sign up for General Delivery. my address literally is my name, General Delivery, Nome AK 99762. The window is only open 9am-5pm Monday through Friday, and I’ll probably never make it there because of work. Not open on weekends.

Therefore, I will piggy back on my neighbors while I’m on the wait list. Lots of people here rely heavily on having goods sent by mail, which is often the cheapest way to get it. One new trick that I just learned about is to become a member of Amazon Prime (which costs $79 per year), and will then provide free shipping!


Housing: Housing is bloody expensive here! It compares to cities like New York and San Francisco (more on the outskirts). For example, a trailor home goes for $250,000. And most nicer homes are $300,000+. The realtors are Nome Sweet Homes.  And they are wonderful!

This is their cute office:

Nome Sweet Homes

Nome Sweet Homes

One thought on “Moving to Nome

  1. Hi Shana, I am a nurse that will be interviewing soon . I am wondering about rentals and I have a dog. Just wondering how things look up there for pets ect. Any info would be great if I decide to move . I enjoy reading your posts you really get a great idea of what it is really like . I used to live in Fairbanks but this is a whole lot different
    Thank You for your all this great info!!
    Erin Fitzpatrick

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