Monday’s highs

Highlights from today:

– Going to the post office on lunch. It feels like Christmas to get a package. Everyone in Nome picks up their packages at the post office, and it’s fun because everyone gets excited for everyone else when they get a package. πŸ™‚
– picking up my new –30 degree down jacket! I will survive!
– holding the most adorable one-year old patient (can’t wait to see my nephews and nieces at thanksgiving!)
– 3 cups of coffee
– my encouraging coworkers

rough seas
– going for a run on the beach in the bracing wind, and feeling small by the stormy waves.
– watching the waves splash up over the sea wall and the spray be whipped away in the wind
– the Bering Sea is not frozen over yet! I can’t imagine it ever being frozen over with these kinds of waves!
– Birds just hanging in the wind over the beach
– Masala curry and rice for dinner
– It’s 40 degrees and rainy! (I heard it’s snowing in Minnesota…)



3 thoughts on “Monday’s highs

  1. it’s true! it did snow in MN… some ppl got a little layer of snow on their yards! I guess that means it was warmer there?! πŸ™‚ your little pikinini nephews cannot wait to see you! and you went running in that cold? do they have an indoor gym up there? do they have cross fit? love you! xo

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