Lucky day

Today felt like it was my lucky day! I had a glorious Saturday morning to sleep in, make banana blueberry pancakes, play a few tunes on the ukulele, relax, and then went out for a four-hour walk. I walked the beach from town to the mouth of the Nome River. The tide was out and I found lots of treasures, including: a lucky dice, a lucky red piece of sea glass, a lucky sea marble, and four intact bottle mouths! I’ve never found anything like these before. Oh and saw seals, and lots of stranded jellyfish and starfish. Some were frozen on the icing-over beach. :(

Luckiest finds!
luckiest finds

Starfish in the returning tide
starfish in the tide

Frozen starfish. :(
frozen starfish

Frozen jellyfish
frozen jellyfish

starting to freeze

snowy beach

Mouth of the bottle
bottle mouth

lucky dice

sunset waves

happy selfie
happy selfie

Seagull basking in the sunset
seagull basking in light

Looking southeastward
gorgeous sunset reflection on the water

suns love hafiz

My ukulele and yoga mat. :)

the words you speak become the house you live in

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