Kuspuk Friday!

It’s Friday! So glad to make it to Friday! And this one is pretty much a “real” Friday, where it actually means a weekend off. A “Golden Weekend” as we call it in medicine, because you get not one, but two days off! besides rounding on one patient, I’m free! (Hopefully that means I won’t have to spend much time at the hospital). I’ve started thinking about how great it would be if we had a call pool, and we could round on each other’s patients to give docs the weekend off, rather than every doc comes in to round on whatever patients they have on their days off. Some days it’s nice to round on your own patients, while some days it’s even nicer just to have a day off completely off, with no duties/responsibilities, to not even have to think about the hospital.

On Fridays, everyone wears kuspuks, the local made shirt/dress. To honor and celebrate the local culture. The kuspuks are loose fitting tops with a large front pocket made for gathering/berry picking. I absolutely love them–they look like something from Anthropologie. The first time I saw one at the airport, I almost went up to a girl who was wearing it and asked her where she got it. Then I realized they are everywhere.

The hospital cafeteria lady made my kuspuk: Kuspuk


I love this pic from the Clark Mishler Portrait Show:
Young Yup'ik girl, Shaylene Spein, in traditional kuspuk, Kwethluk, Alaskahttp://www.alaskapublic.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Museum-Mishler-Portrait-.jpg

Anyway it was a good Friday. I saw lots and lots of pregnant mamas! Every 15 minutes, pretty much. I sent one to Anchorage and did lots of other things for them. I really love the people I work with! Everyone checked in on me today to make sure I was ok. :)

Tomorrow I get to have brunch and maybe go out for a walk with my adopted Nome family. :)


2 thoughts on “Kuspuk Friday!

  1. Shana-Kaitlin gave me your blog. What an adventure you are having! And the picture of the little girl in front of the door-it brought tears to my eyes. I think I will use it for my desktop at work.
    I can read between the lines, and know this can’t be easy. I will keep you in my prayers because you are doing an awesome work in Nome.
    Thanks for posting-a joy to read.
    Julie Prinsen

    • Thanks, Julie! I’m so glad you stopped by, and thanks for your encouragement ~ what you said means a lot to me. :) Kaitlin and Andy would be amazing here! :) :) :) Take care!!!
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