4th of July!!! The Family Comes to Nome!!!!!

I had the best July ever. This blog post will start a little series of July catch-up posts to highlight my family coming to Nome (yay!) and the 4th of July, my WEDDING!!!! (Still can hardly believe it!) and the most amazing honeymoon I could’ve ever dreamed of, galavanting around Southeast Alaska with my HUSBAND!!!

4th of July in Nome is full of small-town charm, joy and community-togetherness. Everyone, from wee tots to elders, participates in street games, like the foot races, bicycle races, slowest bike race, the parade, blanket toss and other fun games. I’ve never seen a 4th of July like it in any of the cities I’ve lived in. :)

Heading to the parade:



Eskimo dancing~The King IslandersIMG_3871DSCF5577

The boy LOVED the big trucks!!!IMG_3903


Nome-style floats



American flag pinwheel! The boys kind of stole it…but who can resist them?!IMG_1003

The kids bike racesIMG_3914IMG_3915

Toddler racesDSCF5597

The announcer on a step ladder. IMG_3912

After the parade, we lost Caleb. Of course there was a “village” of people who were keeping an eye on him and pointed toward the sea, where he had run out to the stone wall.

Once we went down to the beach, they never wanted to leave!




Climbing rocks–Isaac is a natural rock climber!!!IMG_1073




Just chilling on the Bering Sea beachIMG_1047

This is a kid’s paradise!!!!IMG_1021






These two were in cahoots with their escape plan!!! They all of a sudden took off running and laughing down the street. Looks like they’re headed to Big Diomede…or Siberia. 😉

We all just stood there and laughedIMG_1115

Cheeky little monkey!IMG_1098


4 thoughts on “4th of July!!! The Family Comes to Nome!!!!!

  1. Looks like such a sunny fun-filled time! Just look what you have to look forward to next year! Have a great summer.

    • Thanks, Marsha!!! Yes, it has been. :) Haha! I know right. Trying to soak it all up now. July, August and September are my favorite months here!!! Thanks and you too!

    • Thanks, Patt! Awwwww you’re the best! I’m going to write a little post on the reception. I’m so glad you guys came to it! See you soon (I’m sure). :)

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