In our email today: Storm Warning!

The wind sounds like a jet is always flying by.  It’s crazy out there!

This was in our email today (there was also a picture of a beautiful red sky this morning~Sailors, take warning!):

This information is provided as a Public Safety Announcement to provide information and prevent injury, property destruction or loss of life.  This advisory takes effect immediately and will remain in effect until 3pm 11/7/13 or until conditions improve.

The City of Nome advises citizens of impending winter storm and extreme weather conditions. According to reports issued by the National Weather Service, a Category 3 hurricane is moving towards the southern Seward Peninsula.

Warnings have been issued with conditions worsening as of noon today(11/6/13). Residents of the region should expect high surf, possible coastal flooding, and associated beach erosion. Winds are expected to range from 35 mph to 45 mph with gusts up to 65 mph; with the strongest winds expected this afternoon through early Thursday morning.

All residents are strongly encouraged to tie down any materials around their residences and retrieve any property that could be endangered by rising surf/water levels.

Avoid low lying areas. If you reside in a surf/flood zone, consider relocating until the storm has passed.

Travel should be limited with the expectation that road conditions could rapidly degrade and make emergency response difficult.

All other winter storm advisory and winter precautions should be initiated to protect life and property.

Further information can be found at:

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