The last 2-4weeks has been a whirlwind and my computer is not working! So In a quick overview (I hope to write more later and post pictures), these are the highlights:

Hosting amazing adventurers who walked over 1000 miles across the Alaska wilderness. Blueberry pancakes. 20140407-004413.jpg

The Iditarod. Bringing my patient some Louis l’Amour books from a friend. Clinic. Eight calls in four weeks. Kindness. Coffee. Lots of coffee. The sunsetting after 10 PM. Walking over a mile out on the ice shelf. Delivering a baby. Medevacing a few patients. A doctors appreciation breakfast. Music night in Nome. Alaskan Amber.

The ends of the earth. Back to Gambell for another medical trip! Flight to St Lawrence Island. Right next to Russia. Medevac a barely conscious patient. Hanging out with Ashley-a physician assistant. 20140407-004447.jpg

Lots of laughs and stories and conversations. Late nights. Walking out to the edge of the sea ice shelf where the locals launch their boats to go walrus hunting. Deep ice burgs. Turquoise and navy blue. We can see tomorrow from here. 20140407-004632.jpg

Carved bracelet and peace earrings.

I got to visit a home and to see a severely demented but beautifully cared-for elder,. She even smiled for our selfie! 🙂 20140407-004428.jpg

Women’s health. Backed up sewage. The Gambell lodge-a humble hunkered trailer home like building where birders pay tens of thousands to come from all over the world to see amazing migration of wildlife. Winds and more winds. Refreshing being off the grid.

Weekend trip to anchorage! Free with frequent flyer miles! Need a new computer!






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