Have you ever seen slushy waves on the sea? Bering Sea in Winter

The Bering Sea is starting to freeze up. These slushy, sluggish waves are so peaceful! There is still seaglass to collect, birds flying! Winter is coming late these years.

I got to walk along the beach for a few hours after very quick rounds at the hospital today.

In the glowing, ever sunrise-sunset light (the sun rises at ~11am and sets ~4:30pm) was also thinking about how in just one month, we will be at the solstice and then the light will start flooding back again. I am still surprised at how not-hard winters are here, compared to what I was expecting and imagining. Especially on drop-dead gorgeous days like today.


Thick heavy, slushy waves.

There are still birds here! Surprise, surprise!

Seaglass on seaice, some of my finds todayIMG_6766

The big dipper, made out of starfish. Poor frozen starfish. On a patch of beach ice. Winter views, cold skies, cold beach. #wishuponastarfish


The terraced layers of the beach–created from waves receding and freezing.


More thick, slushy sea. It has a still, calm feeling about it.



Frosted rocks, reminds me of dripping frosting. IMG_6639

More seaglass finds on the beach ice!IMG_6633

Found some beauties, like this seafoam green mermaid’s tear.IMG_6539





So many poor frozen starfish, tossed up in the last waves. :'(IMG_6484

Frosted starfish


This was from a week or two ago! Things have changed in the dropping temperatures!IMG_6462



My husband in his awesome new Hawaiian shirt. IMG_6231

Seaglass cairns

6 thoughts on “Have you ever seen slushy waves on the sea? Bering Sea in Winter

  1. Slushy waves!! So cool! I haven’t ever seen that in Anchorage. I try not to be envious of your amazing seaglass finds. 🙂 My husband and I just spent a few days in Homer, and I found no seaglass. 🙁

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