Hard week

It was a tough week. After a rough intubation and feeling like things didn’t go as well as they could have in the hospital, and then having lots to do in clinic, people to round on, I felt overwhelmed and discouraged. There is so much more to learn. There were a few days where I was in tears, and the whole crew that I work with–from nurses, to respiratory therapists, to my superior doctors, people were there to encourage me. It makes such a difference to have encouragement.

And when I look back on the week in greater detail, there were lots of good moments too. I got to help a girl quit smoking and listen to her story about her darkest moment, and sit with her while she cried. Healing tears.

I got to deliver another baby with one of my favorite doctors! It was a girl I met in Wales, and it was such a great delivery. The women here are so strong!!! We don’t do epidurals here, and they often go through a delivery with sheer grace and strength. When her cervix wasn’t dilating and the baby’s head felt cocked to one side, I recommended getting up to walk. In spite of strong contractions, she hopped out of bed between them and walked around like she was taking a stroll in the park. Not long later she pushed out a baby. A perfect, beautiful boy. 🙂

I also got to do another D&C (dilation and curettage) procedure to help a woman after she had miscarried a pregnancy, but still had retained products of conception. I stayed till 10:30 pm while we found a pack of sterilized instruments for the procedure. But I’m glad to get to be able to do these procedures that literally can save lives.

As a gift of grace, today I found out that in spite of the difficult intubation, the man is still alive and he would not be here without this critical access hospital. It reminds me that it is worth it.

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