Happy Friday!


Today I had a great day of clinic, but then I got really busy by the end of the afternoon with clinic patients. When you start dealing with 8 or 9 problems in a visit, then everything gets delayed… After clinic I went back to the hospital and discharged my mom-baby pair of patients. Personal achievement: I dictated both of their discharge summaries!!! Granted it was stumbly and haltering, but the only way to get better is to practice. And this way I don’t have to hand write everything in the chart…my handwriting isn’t as legible as I think it is (My penmanship getting more and more doctory by the year :/).

I ended up leaving late from finishing everything up. But then, I had a lovely unwinding visit over at my friends’ house—Phil and Sarah—to hang out and relax and spend time with their sweet kiddos! It was super wonderful! And!!!! I get a day off tomorrow (I don’t even have to go into the hospital to round on any patients!)

Positive thinking

Sarah and I talked about our 3 happinesses for the day (to focus on the positive, the bright and to remember to look for them).
Mine were:
1. The afterglow of delivering the baby last night and getting to see her and mom today—so beautiful (Life is a Miracle!)
2. Getting to do wart freezing (cryo) therapy with 3 sisters, who were funny and reminded me of me and my sisters when we were younger. :)
3. Spending time with Sarah and Phil and their kids, chatting about life over chocolate, homemade spinach-garlic-parmesan cheese pizza and a glass of wine. Ahhhh! Great way to unwind!

chocolate and wine











Oh! And I got my hair done by 2 little munchkins: hair done

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