Great to be back! Home sweet Nome. :)

I really miss the village already! I wish I had one more day there, just to hang out. But it’s also great to be back “home” in sweet Nome. šŸ™‚ I guess when you grow up as a third culture kid, anywhere can become home pretty quickly. Especially when you find a place that feels like home. On the weekend, I got to hang out with some friends/musicians, and we sang some Bob Dylan and folk songs and they played their (awesome) original music. And I got to play the Blue Egg. šŸ™‚

music time!

Music time! Love, love, love these people!

Then today, when I went back to clinic, people gave me the biggest welcome back and told me they missed me. With smiles and hugs. Already! It’s really lovely how quick and warm the welcome is here. šŸ™‚

I had a bunch of stuff to follow up on today from the village, because I left in such a mad rush! (I hate leaving loose ends long distance!) But it will get done… While I was waiting on hold on the phone today to talk to Alaska Native Medical Center, I heard one of my favorite Brett Dennen songs, “Follow your heart, and you won’t get lost.” And I smiled, because I followed my heart here. And the lyrics ring true.

I also got to meet an amazing local doctor who is a creative, brilliant, all-around beautiful person! And I met a Physician’s Assistant (PA) who has been here forever, but who also works in Thailand. He went to Papua New Guinea and took a trip up the Sepik River (my original “home” territory). Can’t wait to get to know people here so much better!


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