Golden Weekend!

I had a golden weekend this weekend! It feels so great! And the weather was absolutely gorgeous, with temps in the 60s. I went for a run on the beach, and it turned into beach combing. I can’t help it when treasures like these catch my eye!

The browns and rusty bits :)20140705-210506-75906476.jpg



Great day to be out on the water!

And go out on the water I did! #flatcalm

Went to visit a dredge

Amazing sunset on the Bering Sea. I must get a sailboat!

Drying fresh caught salmon–the traditional native Alaskan way!

Almost 70 degrees!! Feels like 90!


I sewed up some clothes with my new awesome sewing machine! 20140706-232415-84255703.jpg

And since the sun is shining so bright, it’s a perfect time to wash those windows! At 10pm. “You know you’re in Alaska when…”


So clean, looks like there’s no glass! :) (before it was all a smear of dirt)

I think I gained 30% more brightness in my home by doing this! :)

Cleaning for when my brother & co. comes in 2 weeks!!!

One thought on “Golden Weekend!

  1. Once again, great pictures! My daughter is going to flip when she sees that seaglass. She loves making all kinds. I know what I’ll be doing with her.

    Question: How many months does it “stay dark” in Nome? (I couldn’t find a better way to ask that.)

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