Gambell Medical Field Trip, Day 3

I got a lunch break today!!!! Between a busy clinic in the morning and afternoon. Woohoo! Went for a walk, wandering this rocky island. There are umiaqs (the small subsistence fishing boats) all along the coast with massive whale bones cast aside on the beaches. The winds were blowing strong today. they say the winds are always blowing here, and there is “always a storm blowing in.”

A whale hunter walked beside us to see if we were interested in buying some carvings. He was wearing a couple of sweatshirt layers, jeans and tennis shoes, while I was bundled in my shin-length down parka. He was saying that the whale hunting season will be starting, because as the sea ice grows down from the north, the whales move south right along this coast. There have been several large whales already spotted in the last few days (unfortunately we didn’t see any :(). Then again in the spring, as the ice melts north, the whales come back, which is another hunting season. The pack ice didn’t melt until June last year, so the whaling season was really late in the year. Which makes it hard for people out here, who are predominately dependent on a subsistence lifestyle. There is a store here, but it is very expensive, and healthy options are slim-pickings.

We were befriended by a cute dog, and I had a good run with him:

Me and dog

Gambell–the south end of the plateau-mountain.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The North end of the plateau.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Windy and cold-but-refreshing to be out in the daylight!





Big bones!!!

This afternoon, I got to do a home visit again, which is a highlight for me to get to have a personal connection to my patients and their families. I made a friend with monster eyes (after she scared me a few times).
monster eyes

Then I stayed up till midnight finishing charts, making sure all the prescriptions and referrals were done, because when loose ends are left out in the village, it is so hard to get back to them. (A lesson I learned from my Wales Village Visit).

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  1. Es maravilloso todo lo q haces ,siempre quise aventurarme asi por la vida pero por alguna razon me olvide de vivir ,pero me alegra muchisimo que tu sigas tus ideales y disfrutes de tu profesion. =).

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