Full Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse PFD EHR Extravaganza

It’s been crazy busy around here…super crazy! Like 4-5 medevacs per shift, 4-5 admissions per shift, jam-packed ER, Fast Track and waiting rooms. I’m gonna chalk it up to the fact that it was a full super blood moon lunar eclipse. Oh yeah, and PFD season (Permanent Fund Dividend, when every Alaskan citizen gets an extra chunk of change (this year it was $1800) just for living in this great state, and gets to splurge a little!). Oh yeah, and we are going on to Electronic Health records…in bush Alaska. So grab a coffee…or a coldie and try to and enjoy the beauty in the madness of it all.


Went down to the beach after a very long day of work for a pause for a breath of fresh night, ocean air.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

3 thoughts on “Full Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse PFD EHR Extravaganza

    • Awww thanks, Catherine! Man, lately I was not feeling so calm…and I’m not proud of how intense I got! But I had a great talk with the nurse manager and a PA, and thanks to them and your comment, it helps remind me to stay peaceful, even when things seem chaotic and emergent! 🙂 Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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