Friday fun

Rounded on my patient today on my day off.  Had a great conversation with the billing people about good documentation. Then I was offered an individual, volunteer orientation by a wonderful Respiratory Therapist on our ventilators, so that I know how to use them if needed!  Then I went home and spent the entire rest of the day on the phone with AT&T and Verizon trying to get my phone figured out. Needless to say it was frustrating and not the way I wanted to spend a precious day off. To burn it all off, went for a walk around town in the refreshing cold rain, wandered down to the beach (of course!) and shared a lovely Vietnamese-Chinese-Japanese meal with my boyfriend from England. Rounding on my patient tomorrow morning, then on call tomorrow night!

Wonderful bits of wisdom:

Emerson quote


My favorite Bob Marley song:every little thing is gonna be alright

 My three happinesses today were:

  1. Delicious mocha, with Scottish shortbread dipped in it. Mmmmmmm. Simple pleasure. With snow outside.
  2. Going outside to breathe the fresh air
  3. Pho and sushi at the Twin Dragon

And being with Guy.

2 thoughts on “Friday fun

  1. Emerson just has a way of cutting through the details if life and reminding us who and what we are. Very uplifting. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work in Nome! Jessica reads your blog religiously! 🙂

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