Fly Me to the Moon…. Mountains

Dave and I got really lucky, and got to fly out with one awesome Bering Air pilot, who flew us out to the Moon Mountains.IMG_3655

We were stoked!!!IMG_3534

It was a gorgeous day to fly with shining seas and mercury rivers.IMG_3540

Stunning beauty!!!IMG_3541

Damn, I love this guy!




IMG_3625 Sitting on the blanket

There were so many wildflowers!!!!

IMG_3593 IMG_3590


So much giddiness! :)IMG_3535

Wildflowers and wine. Doesn’t get much better than this!

Kevin and Dave


We ran up the moonscape!IMG_3628

Standing on the moonIMG_3632

Wildflowers in a cup

One happy girl!

4 thoughts on “Fly Me to the Moon…. Mountains

  1. Great blog, fun to check out the pics and lifestyle. I just interviewed today for an ER RN job and might be coming up there this winter. Would be fun to pick your brain a bit about life there………

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