Flight back from Teller

The flight back was super beautiful with wispy clouds around the mountains as the only warning signs of some seriously bumpy air! cloudy mountains

cloudy mountains ii

We bounced around a lot–like hitting-your-head-on-the-ceiling-of-the-airplane and were getting tossed around a bit. One girl was with her baby and was terrified, she had tears in her eyes from fear. She asked if we were going to make it. all I wanted to do was give her a hug or put a hand on hers, but there was no way I was getting out of my seatbelt!

Behind me sat a guy that I know from Wales who was in his happiest place, a former pilot, now without a license due to medical conditions, he loves the rough rides. He had a great big smile on his face and was woohooing. 🙂 He said “now you get to experience Alaska.” He is involved with helping international adventurers to have the first vehicle drive from London to New York, which means you have to cross the Bering Strait, to land in Wales–the westernmost part of the continent. And to this day, nobody has conquered that feat. And it seems like it will become increasingly impossible if this is the new winter climate!

misty hills

Plane view of the mountains
Plane view

The Bering Sea–still not really frozen
icebergs and water

wind in the hills


Nome again, nome again.
Nome again

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