Easter Blessings

After working a 24-hour call shift, that included coding (trying to resuscitate) a middle-aged  male who didn’t make it, and having another middle-aged male die on hospice (I wish for them and their families peace and rest and comfort), I went home to sleep through Easter Day.

Hospital version of the Easter basket (toilet hat for collecting specimens and gauze 🙂


Then I arose from the dead at 4:00pm, talked to my lovely twin nephews, sister and parents, one of my best friends from Papua New Guinea, and I received some nice, heart-filling texts from friends. And for dinner went to celebrate the remaining Easter with my friends Phil and Sarah & Co (because there’s always company at their house!)

Easter eggs!

Lovely decorated cookies:

Sarah’s mouth-wateringly delicious tundra blueberry pie:

Silly faces with Hahnah banahnah

A portrait, by Hahnah

The gracious host:


Grateful for this warm (50 degrees!!) springly day and so much love and blessings in Nome!

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