Blessed day of beauty!

I worked the overnight ER shift and although it started off a little busy, it slowed way down. I had no patients between 2am and 6:30am!!! I got to sleep for a couple hours. Then I came home and still slept and then I went down to the sea for some nature and art therapy. :)

Wings over the water

“Gonna rise up! Find my direction magnetically…” I can hear Eddie Vedder’s song from ‘Into the Wild’ playing. :)

This is where I come to find my inspiration and renew my mind and soul and heart.

Stool by a fire. Beach life at its finest. :)

I came down to gather driftwood for an art project

I made a driftwood mobile. I saw one like this at the summer solstice folk festival in Moose Pass and I really wanted to buy it. But Dr Liu told me not to buy it because I can make it (of course she’s always right), so here it is–my own Nome-made driftwood decor. :)

I made another one for my friends’ cabin-shack 😉 housewarming gift:

I feel energized from the time off today!