Candlelight yoga


In this new year, I purposed (yes, it’s a verb:)) to exercise every day. I have found one way to make the cold, dark mornings a lot easier to get up in. In Denver I used to go to an amazing candlelight yoga class, and it was one of my most favorite ways to “work out.” Since it’s so dark here in Alaska, but there are no such classes out here in the bush, I decided to start doing my own morning candlelight yoga session.



It’s very peaceful, strengthening, and it feels like it accepts and embraces that it’s dark. The best part is that I actual look forward to getting up now, and I feel energized afterwards.



2 thoughts on “Candlelight yoga

  1. Love it all, especially the candlelight yoga idea. Keep your head up, Shana! Still thinking of and following your brave footsteps where most do not dare wander. Hope you find some well deserved respite soon!

    • Thanks Jenn! It can be scary. Some days I have that same nauseated feeling of being an intern the first night on the ICU again. 😛 And every call brings a potential new adventure and “learning experience.” 🙂 It’s why I came here, but it’s still scary, nonetheless! I just had a patient with a sodium of 109, and it made me freshly remember the patient with Locked In Syndrome/CPM.

      The great thing is that you always know you are making a difference and serving where there would otherwise be no access to help. You and Brett should come here!!! You would be so great! 🙂 Much love to you both!

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