Better than a sleigh ride. Christmas Medevac flight with the Northern Lights!

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Merry Christmas!!! I’ve been meaning to write a nice Christmas post, but I took call on Christmas Eve and Christmas, and the days were busy! Since I’m one of the only doctors here without family around, it’s nice to be able to take call so that others can be with their families, and so that I will get to be with people instead of being at home alone…feeling sad and lonely and sorry for myself. 🙂

Plus I got some really great experiences! I got to deliver a baby, take care of a post-partum hemorrhage because some of the placenta membranes were retained, and sew up a laceration (all on my own!). The mama looks great and went home on Christmas! I also had 3 pregnant patients to rule out preterm/early labor. One of them got medevaced to Anchorage. Another I thought would be medevaced, but she stayed here in Nome. …Until today. then she started really going into active labor. So I got to go another medevac to Anchorage Native Medical Center tonight. Luckily she got there without any issues–for which I was glad, because she was starting to have real contractions and dilate her cervix, and I was afraid she might have a baby on the plane. (She has had 4 other deliveries, which means she can deliver quickly!) The only problem was that there were some significant abnormalities of the fetus on ultrasound, and needs to be seen by the high-risk maternal fetal medicine doctors. And there is a good chance he would need resuscitation or extra care in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

The flight to Anchorage was uneventful. We just watched the patient closely and made sure she felt comfortable.

The flight back was fantastic! I got to sit up in the front, and we saw amazing Northern Lights–this is the first time I’ve seen them very well in Alaska! I wish I had my camera to show how beautiful it was looking out the window over the wingtip, to see the dancing Northern Lights, in a sky full of stars. The Big Dipper was just above wing tip and the North Star above that. Words cannot capture the beauty! (And my iPhone camera couldn’t either…) And the pilot told me of his adventures in Alaska–flying a small Cessna out to the wilderness and canoeing down untouched rivers.

These are pictures that Guy took of the Northern Lights here in Nome:

Northern Lights

My Christmas decorations were simple, but symbols of warmth and hope:
Christmas candles window

Christmas lights

Joy to the World

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  1. Ah! I have seen the northern lights a few times, yes, and oh my oh my are they something. Some old diomeders told me that when they were young they would be gathered and shooshed inside when the northern lights were out, as they were spirits that may take you away. So I’d stand under them and think about the old day, the old ways on diomede, and the old spirits! Northern lights!

    My instructor has told me one of the best things he has ever seen is the northern lights while flying. I envy you!
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