Best Monday Ever!

I had a post-call day off, with only my Mom-baby pair to round on and discharge home!  Everything went really well after the delivery and post-partum hemorrhage yesterday with no more bleeding, and she felt great and ready to go home! (Thankful!)

What a refreshing opportunity to have a week day off to get things done, since all businesses are closed on the weekends. While rounding in the hospital, I got to buy some native jewelry. They allow local people to sell their jewelry, ivory (from walrus tusks) & bone carvings, sealskin mukluks, kuspuks and other artifacts in the lobby, which I think is a beautiful way to embrace and honor the culture and art of this community.

I bought these beautifully handcrafted pieces from a wise, kind, generous lady who supports her family and other needy people in the community, who don’t have resources. colored necklace

This long necklace reminds me of jewelry from Anthropologie. And the this keychain, a shooting star! I think I will try making a wish on it every day. :)
anthropologie necklace   star keychain

She is currently using the money to put together christmas presents for the neediest families in the village. She was so open, and told me her life story, of how she used to not want anything to do with her own native culture, because of the abuse she suffered as a child, and the pain it brought to her. But then, she came back to it, to be a lighthouse for those in the community who have also suffered abuse or have been marginalized. What an amazing woman! It is an honor to support artist-activists like her.

And to support the carver of these beautiful ivory earrings, who is the father of two adorable kids that I got to meet. It’s fun to meet the artists and their families!

 ivory earrings

I had to go the post office and saw this U.S. Male Truck:

US Male

This picture has so many great “Nome” particulars, like the US Male truck (I would like a special Male delivery, please!), Nome City Hall from 1901 with the Alaska flag, and the End of the Iditarod race finish line.

At the post office it made my day to get a few packages!!! My wonderful mom sent them–I love getting packages from her, full of awesome, useful things, like warm, cozy fleece sheets and handmade thick alpaca socks from the Farmer’s Market in Minneapolis!:


Then I went to the DMV (which apparently isn’t open anymore)?DMV hours

Over to GCI to get a wireless router so that my roommate and I no longer have to be connected to the wall, by a cable, one at a time. Yay for wifi!

toilet paper

The price of TP in Nome ($1.26 per roll!)

Then I went to the boatyard to figure out my container, and I took out of it some toilet paper (which I bought for 50cents per roll from Costco!).

So now I don’t have to pay $1.26 per roll ~ the Nome price for TP!!! Saving 76 cents per roll adds up fast!container shipping address container

Seeing my stuff again is fun! It actually looks likes it’s in really good shape. Nice work, Alaska Logistics. :)

Then I came home and had a delicious dinner with my roommate, with an amazing conversation (a sobremesa) about life, and love and religion and faith, and experiences, over a glass of wine from Chile. :)

A Monday like this is the best day of the week!

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