Berry Picking at Salmon Lake

This morning I drove out to Salmon Lake, about 40 miles north out of town.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The views were stunning and it wasn’t too long before I hit snow!

Instead of waiting for winter to come to me, I went out and met it…kind of like grabbing the bull by the horns, I guess. 🙂 Anyway, it is supposed to snow tonight here in town, so I’m not  that far ahead of the game. On that note, Happy first day of Autumn!P1050519

The view are endless around here! And the colors are still splendid, even though they are dulling a bit. I took my “new” (to me), white little bucket P1050550

and got to work, picking little blueberries from their ground bushes. They are shriveled and super juicy now (a little late in the season!), P1050593 and I was only picking a handful of very squished berries every few minutes. I had to come up with a better way to pick them–so I just took the berry-laden branches (there are still so many berries left!) and threshed them into my bucket. I wonder how big lumbering bears can pick and eat this little morsels?



The berries were ready to fall off~ahhhh much more efficient!!!  P1050626Lots of leaves shook off as well (but those separated easily out easily enough when I filled the bucket with water).

I also picked some cranberries, which are at their prime now! Mmmmm simply delectable!!!P1050658

Can’t beat this view for berry-picking breaks!



My bucket is not so white anymore!

Happy berry picker. Happy hunting and gathering ground.IMG_3658

Yes those are berry stained knees!!! I forgot about kneeling down, I was so focused on threshing berries….

I saw a few seagulls. The gulls hang out in the lake while the salmon are spawning, to eat the salmon after they die. The lake is the spawning place for the northernmost run of sockeye salmon in the United States!


Taking some time to enjoy a few berries and the lakeshore! IMG_3660

 Berry bountiful! Can’t wait for blueberry pancakes! 🙂 …and maybe I’ll bring some home for Thanksgiving.

5 thoughts on “Berry Picking at Salmon Lake

  1. Shana, I love your berry picking story and all the wonderful pictures. Try running hot water through your corduroy pants, while holding the stains directly under hot running water. Do not put into dryer or it will set the stains.

  2. Hey, this is your neighbor from upstairs! I love your blog. It’s interesting, well-written & the photos are amazing. If you don’t mind I would like to tell my friends & relatives about it- then I won’t have to write one…. 🙂 But seriously, can I? They would love it too!

    • Awww thanks, Sarah. It’s so great to have neighbors like you. Of course you can pass on the site. We’ll keep it to ourselves that there are bears on the pre-hibernation prowl around here… 😉 Anyway, I keep writing about the things I learn from you guys as well, so thanks for the insights. 🙂

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