Beauty, lately

The sunsets lately have been breathtakingly beautiful! The sun sets so much sooner these days (just after 7pm) and rises later (after 10am!!!).

And now we are losing 6.5 minutes a day…that’s an hour of light every 9 quick days!

It’s almost like the sun is aware of this, and is putting on a showier display than unusual. 🙂 take advantage, come out and see.




Flying into the sunset. Lucky bird! 🙂



I am back in clinic seeing patients again (since we went on to Electronic health records, I was more involved in helping out with the new system)!!! How I love seeing patients! 🙂 most of them lately have been pregnant mamas, so that makes me especially happy and excited for them. there are some funny, wonderful stories too that I need to write up on here… 🙂 soon.

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  1. Hello Shana
    Wow … these are just amazing great pictures! These photos touch me a lot and my emotions and memories of NOME come on. This year we were four weeks in Alaska on the road, including 4 days in NOME, Teller, Council and Kougarok. From June 15 to 18, it was our first days in Alaska at all. It was just wonderful and very impressive.

    Since then I think about Alaska every day and especially of Nome. I keep asking myself how it would be to live in Nome? As it now would be in Nome when the harbor freezes slowly? Or if it is already having snow in Teller?

    Where exactly you have these beautiful photos taken?

    Now I wish you a nice day. Would be happy to hear from you. And I will now look more often in your blog. I have discovered your blog a few weeks ago, unfortunately I did not read it regularly.

    All the best

    • Hi Patrick!
      Thank you for your comment! Yeah, I agree~ there is something so special about this little corner of the world!

      Awww, yeah it’s wonderful to live here in Nome–I love this community. You are right~the harbor is slowly starting to freeze over, and yes! We’ve had a couple days of snow now, although it’s still pretty warm–just barely freezing, and the snow keeps melting. 🙂 Today the sun is shining gloriously!

      These photos were taking down on the beach just in front of Front Street. Thanks for checking out the blog! It’s fun to write and share the happenings here with my friends and family afar. 🙂

      If you ever come back, look me up!
      Thanks and take care!
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