Beach therapy

This lovely friday, I got to round on my patients earlier in the morning, and then I had clinic. I saw lots of well women exams and pregnant patients (yay!)–I hope I get to deliver some babies! then I got to do radio traffic again, which was busy today! One of my highlights was learning about some fantastic resources that we have–including telemedicine (to see pictures and other media to help with diagnosing things like rashes) and video conferencing to see patients in real time to help figure out what needs to be done. This day and age of technology is amazing! Oh! And the hospital plans to soon be transitioning to EHR–which will be so, so wonderful. The medical staff here work so hard to make sure the community receives excellent care. I went back and checked on my patients after clinic, and it was nice–we had some good conversations.

I also met the inspired local artist who made the drawing with the serenity prayer ( He is such a kind, generous person, who shares his life story so openly. He is wise too. He works at the hospital with a vision, and he truly lives to help people.


this is the ‘cheaper’ gas in town.

Then I ran errands–post office, bank, grocery store, gas station. Gas prices are high, as they say! (The cheapest I’ve ever paid for gas was 89c, and this is by far the most expensive in the US–but it’s still not as much as it costs in Europe!).

While walking downtown, people were so friendly and would smile and say hi, wish me a good evening or mention how lovely the weather is. I have not yet felt unsafe–even on a fortnight, even when people are out drinking.  There are no bars on the windows, no security guards at the bank, people don’t really have to lock their doors. The town lacks the sense of danger–not that it doesn’t have any issues–but that it is refreshingly safe to go out and about.


West end of the beach

The sunset was gorgeous (again), but this time the sun was disappearing at 8:30!!! More than an hour earlier than when I arrived, which also means more than one hour later as well (which means ~ 2 hours lost of daylight in 3 weeks)! Not only that, but every time I looked out at the Bering Sea, the sun moved like a late sunrise across the sky today, the reflection it made on the bering sea just moved along down the water. It’s strange to see the sun drifting along the lower sky all day. Growing up in PNG, the sun always rose high above us at noon. It pretty much always rose at 6am and set at 6pm, with only slight variation.

I took a walk along the sea, and walked in splayed-out, ebbing and dancing waves. It’s so therapeutic to watch the water come and go and splash and churn and sweep. I found some lovely sea glass. There’s a lot of it here–from a lot of broken bottles. The light was reflecting pinks and periwinkles on the wet shore broken by driftwood and drift dredge pieces. And the sand and the rocks sparkle with gold.

sunset beach

East end of the beach

My charming sea glass welcome decoration (that I got at Bearing Song & Gifts): sea glass hanger

and a green glass buoy: green glass buoy








It was a beautiful evening! I pray for peace and wholeness and light.


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