Beach Therapy

I slept in a bit and went to round on my four patients today. Yay for a day off! I have been caring for a dying hospice patient, so after rounds I went down to the beach to rejuvenate.

Hippocratic Oath

A frame I have sitting on my desk, with a reminder of the Hippocratic Oath

Going down to the Bering Sea is still therapeutic, even if it is frozen. Especially now, because there are so many cool ice sculptures and abstract art by Mama Nature. 🙂

Sunset Bering Sea Ice

Sunset (after 4pm now!!!):Ice shapes
frozen waves

 Wave front: Wave front

Ice shapes
Frozen beach

Frozen beach front

(Remember how it looked in September:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Winter is so peaceful
Winter Peace

Great words!
A good life quote


It’s getting cold!
-10 degrees

Sunset village

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