Beach and Pumpkin Carving

Sunday was great! It’s been another peaceful, rejuvenating, relaxing day. Lindsey, my roommate and I went to a couple shops downtown, including Bearing Song and Gifts, where we were welcomed in to browse beautiful hand-crafted gifts, while a local kid was playing guitar for his lesson. He is super talented and wants to go teach music to other kids in the village. The beautiful melody was warming! Then we walked down to the beach with a strong wind! At first we were looking for seaglass, but realized it was almost impossible with the sea sweeping all the way up the sand! We kept getting washed out by the waves. 🙂 It was a strong windy day, and felt so refreshing to be out in the blowing pelting, icy rain! We saw lots of cool things, including:

Birds floating on the wind:
birds floating on the wind

Ocean spray blowing up the beach:

wind blown foam

This windsock, showing just how gusty it was:
wind sock

An airplane without wings in somebody’s yard:

airplane in the yard


A dead creature from the sea that the seagulls and crows were feasting on (is this a walrus, seal, whale, narwhal…or?): dead creature from the sea

Then we found some pumpkins at a store we stopped in and decided to carve them and roast pumpkin seeds. The word on the street is that Nome really gets into Halloween. 🙂 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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