Arctic Spring

There is no Spring on Earth like springtime in the Arctic! There is an energy that buzzes in the air and infuses your soul. I have never felt so alive as in the springtime in the Arctic. seeing the seagulls flying into the sun today almost made me cry. I have always loved Spring (since moving to a continent with seasons), but I have never felt its energy palpably course through me quite like this before! Perhaps it’s because of the stark nature of winter here, or the extremes. But here I don’t take as many things for granted. And I like that.

Signs of spring: Liquid water, a beach emerging from under a veil of snow with all its treasures, like shining seaglass.

Seagull feather!  

So happy!  


Beachcombing treasures  

Amazing live music, by Nome’s own home-grown band. Sarah H. and her Huz-Band and friends. 🙂 Phil on the mandolin, Dave on the saw, and Ian on the conga drum. Man, I love these folks!

5 thoughts on “Arctic Spring

    • Thanks, Mary Anne! Yeah, the beach and its treasures are so much fun to find!!! And you’re right–it’s the long wait that makes it all so special. I should clarify…technically, we are ~100 miles south of the Arctic Circle, but still… Spring is so wondrously alive here!!! And in Anchorage probably more than places farther south. I guess it is all relative, but it’s so much fun, and I never want to take this for granted. 🙂

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