Another Friday the 13th

This year must be a lucky year…with 2 Friday the 13ths, in ’13. 🙂 I really am not superstitious. Except that I never say the “Q” word in the Emergency Room, and I never comment on how slow or unhurried the hospital service is. Today I was also lucky to get an administrative day, which I was hoping to use to work on some projects for the clinic. But instead I ended up rounding on four patients in the hospital, seeing a patient in clinic, catching up on my clinic charts, and then going to discharge two patients from the hospital. Also, one of my patients had a collapsed lung (pneumothorax), and I had put a chest tube (where a suction tube goes in between the chest wall and the lung to create negative pressure and bring the lung out back to full capacity) two days ago. This afternoon, her lung looked good, and was fully reinflated, so I pulled out the chest tube, but unfortunately, it collapsed again. So instead of a nice happy discharge for her, she has to stay longer, and she might need another procedure. Somehow before I knew it, my administrative day was completely taken up by patient care.

Then tonight we had a wonderful Christmas party at the hospital, where all of the staff (from the President and Vice President to the security officers and lab people..etc) put on a Christmas talent show with skits, songs, spoken word and all-around fun for everyone! The food was delicious–especially since I hadn’t eaten yet today! 🙂 There is such a warm, inviting sense of community here, and so much talent! I’ve never been in a place before where the entire hospital puts on a Christmas show for each other. There were also candles lit in the hospital windows. And a man crooned a Christmas carol with a whole new meaning to the lyric “…and folks dressed up like Eskimos.” 🙂

Sun at highest point in the sky, in the middle of the four-hour day (pics taken by Guy):

The beach:

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